Sunday, May 11, 2014

A thank you from a race fan! 

Recently my friend Roy Morris of San Juan Capistrano, California told me that for years he wanted to take out an advertisement in National Speed Sport News to in his words “thank all the drivers that I was privileged to watch through the years” but never got around to it. Roy sent me his list of drivers, and I am proud to share the first quarter of Roy’s list of legendary drivers with our readers.  

Ed Haddad
Rex Mays
Jack Habermehl
Bobby Ball
Frank Brewer
Edgar Elder
Danny Oakes
Swede Lindskog
Gordon Reid
Bill Homeier
Johnny Moorhouse
Bill Zaring
Mack Hellings
Johnny McFadden
Johnnie Parsons
Johnnie Tolan
Duane Carter
Bill Cantrell
Bob Cortner
Don Edmunds
Walt Faulkner
Bill Vukovich

Thank you Roy for sharing these great names and memories with our readers and I will transcribe more names and post them on the site in the next few days.