Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Progress on the Arizona Hard Chrome midget! 

If you are regular visitor to this site, you have been able to follow progress of the restoration of Bud Trainor’s 'Arizona Hard Chrome Special' midget that was driven through the years by drivers that included Bobby and Al Unser, and Paul Jones.

We are honored that Ron and the car’s owner Dan Ricehouse has allowed The Checkered Past to show off progress of the restoration. If you are a first time visitor, please check the archive for previous stories.  When we last left Ron Trainor (Bud’s son) the restoration of the V-4 midget engine was completed and ready for installation in the restored chassis.

Here is the latest update from Ron:

“I also sent these pictures to the Unser Racing Museum in Albuquerque.  About two hours after I sent the email, I received a call from Al Unser.  He said when he looked at the pictures he got a tear in his eye. He also said we were doing a great job on the restoration and that he would love to have the car in their museum for one month or ten years -as long as we want and promised they would manage it and take care of it. 

If the car was mine that’s where I would leave it, but since my friend Dan Ricehouse is the owner of the car, it’s up to him.  He says he has offers from three other museums that also want to display the car. So it looks like we may have to split time between all the interested museums. “

Keep up the great work on the restoration, Ron I'm sure your Dad would be proud. Thanks again for sharing!