Monday, June 29, 2015

'Tail Gunner Challenge' bonus posted for the inaugural Tony Stewart Midget Classic

Shepherd Insurance is offering an exciting $10,000 bonus for the final segment of the 100-lap Tony Stewart Midget Classic on July 25 at the historic fifth-mile Lincoln Tech Indianapolis Speedrome oval.

The Tony Stewart Midget Classic will feature a 100-lap main event broken into two segments. The first segment will be 75 laps followed by a 25-lap dash to the finish, with a 20 minute break. During the mandatory intermission which will see teams pitted in the infield for adjustments and tire changes, the 'Tail Gunner Challenge' will be presented to the leader of the race.

The leader will be asked if he or she would like to take the Shepherd Insurance ‘Tail Gunner Challenge,’ and restart at the rear of the field when the race resumes. If the tail gunner is able to make it back to the front in those final 25 green flag laps and win the Tony Stewart Midget Classic, the winner will take home a $10,000 bonus in addition to the $5,000 winner’s check.

If the leader at the 75-lap mark declines to take the Shepherd Insurance ‘Tail Gunner Challenge’ and stay in first place, the offer will then be made to the second-place driver. If the race runner-up also decides to not take the $10,000 gamble, the final 'Tail Gunner' offer will be made to the third-place driver.

No one knows the racing insurance business better than the Shepherd Insurance motorsports team, which is led by race team owner Tom Johnson and his son Jeff. Together, the Johnson’s have over 50 years of experience insuring motorsports teams and are charter members of the Indiana Motorsports Association. Shepherd Insurance knows exactly what racers need, because Tom and Jeff eat, drink and breathe racing. Contact Shepherd Insurance through their website at

For more details and to purchase tickets for the Tony Stewart Midget Classic, visit the Indianapolis Speedrome website at

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