Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Alfa Romeo 4C by Garage Italia Customs

Many “car guys”” wish they could attend the SEMA show in Las Vegas to see the fantastic custom cars built just for that show. It is a fair bet that even fewer “car guys" can attend the Dubai International Motor Show held at the Dubai World Trade Center from November 10 to 14, 2015 to view the wild cars that debut there.  As service to our readers, we are sharing photographs and the details of the Alfa Romeo 4C “La Furiosa" created for the Dubai show by Garage Italia Customs.

Garage Italia Customs is the new project of Lapo Elkann, the New York-born Italian entrepreneur and style icon and grandson of Giovanni Agnelli, the late chairman of Fiat Automobiles. Garage Italia Customs can match their customer’s favorite suit, dress, or any fashion accessory to any vehicle they desire.  Garage Italia Customs does not make performance modifications, rather their craftsmen restyles vehicles using techniques and sensibilities from the world of haute couture (high end one-of-a-kind fashion) to create exclusive "tailor-made" vehicles. 

Photograph of Garage Italia Customs headquarters courtesy of

So far, the staff at Garage Italia have customized more than seventy-five automobiles, motorcycles, sailboats, motorboats, and even airplanes.   Garage Italia Customs is based in the fashion capitol of Milan, Italy at the site of a unique Streamline Moderne design AGIP gasoline station designed by architect Mario Bacciocchi in 1952.

"La Furiosa" (The Furious in English) is described by Garage Italia as ’the result of the meeting between the “Mechanics of Emotions” and the Style Center together with the "Maestros" of Garage Italia Customs.

The car emphasizes the Alfa Romeo 4C’s wild style with a strong and extraordinary aesthetic impact. Special toned-down painting characterizes the exterior. The black carbon fiber roof gradually fades to “Accursio” red, the original opalescent tonality, with a “Velvet Touch” (matte) finish.


The interior of "La Furiosa" is finished entirely in red and black Alcantara, an Italian-made luxury fabric used for furniture, clothing and automobile upholstery which has the feel of suede. 

This article prepared with information and photographs provided by Burner Communications. 

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