Monday, December 12, 2016

The Dieselpunk Roadster
Tom McGriff of Mac Miller’s Garage in Indianapolis has over 50 years of experience at the top levels of professional automobile racing as a mechanic and fabricator and has been involved in the design, construction and development of sports racing, Indianapolis and sprint cars including chassis, suspension, components, systems and bodywork.
Tom behind the wheel of the 1920's Boyle Valve Special
replica he built from the ground up at Winchester Speedway
For the last twenty-five years, Tom has worked as an independent designer and constructor of vintage style American racing cars which include nineteen twenties and thirties style speedway cars, as well as ‘big cars’ and Indianapolis style roadsters from the decades of the nineteen fifties  and nineteen sixties. 


At the 2016 Performance Racing Industry (PRI) racing trade show in Indianapolis, McGriff shared with the author his plans for a race car inspired by the ‘art deco’ era locomotives to be powered by a four-cylinder diesel engine which he calls the “dieselpunk roadster.”

McGriff hopes to use a new Cummins four-cylinder diesel, or possibly a Mazda Skyactiv diesel engine. The “dieselpunk roadster” would be a hit at car shows and  trade shows and could be used in vintage racing events such as those sanctioned by the SVRA (Sportscar Vintage Racing Association).

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